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How The Peace Rug Curriculum Works

In short, everyone learns the dialogue...like learning lines for a play.

  • There is a respectful invitation to use The Peace Rug given by the “victim” to the one with whom he or she has the conflict.
  • The “victim” says the words.
  • The “bully” says the words.
  • An agreement is reached in 2-3 minutes, along with a plan to make things better.
  • Then that agreement is celebrated.

By using the special Peace Rug dialogue, a victim is on equal footing with the bully and is able to "find their voice" to speak up. This greatly empowers more passive children who tend to give in when they shouldn't. The dialogue also reveals to bullies how their behavior is hurting another person. Most of the time, this revelation leads to compassion and bullying behavior stops.

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